Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Rock pools, South Rosedale - and a bit about Rosedale.

I love to pick my way across the rocky headland which separates the south of the main Rosedale Beach from the cove known as Nun's Beach, or Stinky's. There is a small sand and pebble beach and several rock pools, one of which I usually have a dip in (above). I call it "my Rosedale swimming pool".

In the top picture, we're looking east towards the rocky island known as "Jimmy's". It looks from afar as if you could walk out at low tide, but it is separated from the mainland by a series of deep channels.

In this are the rocks are titled almost vertical from some ancient geological activity, and it is impossible to scale the sides. So, the only way to get to Jimmy's without being cut to shreds is by boat.

In the photo below we are looking south towards Burrewarra Point with its small modern navigational lighthouse. Just visible is a rocky outcrop in Guerilla Bay. I don't know what its formal name is, but we've always called it "Kirrin Island" after the island where Enid Blyton's Famous Five encountered nefarious goings-on, necessitating lashings of ginger beer to ensure recovery!

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