Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Plum pudding - what, no plums? - the answer is here!

My concession to "traditional" (ie British) Christmas is plum pudding. Love it. 

Why "plum pudding" if there are no plums? Because pre-Victorians called raisins plums. 

A couple of years ago I came by a simply great, never-fail recipe, and so the ritual has begun. No need to hang for months in muslin (til it gets mouldy in Sydney humidity!) Traditionally suet (raw beef or mutton fat)  was used - I prefer butter!

I am led to believe this is the same recipe the royal family dine on.

First, fruit: dates, sultanas, currants, raisins soaked in sherry or rum. I chose sherry this year. 

Sift flour, nutmeg, mixed spice three times

Cream butter and brown sugar

Add one egg at a time and mix well after each addition

At this time a finger-dip 'n' lick is mandatory!

Add Parisian essence for a great rich dark brown colour, lemon essence and vanilla extract


Add breadcrumbs

Fold in flour mixture

Add walnuts and fruit mixture

Place in pudding steamer

Steam in large pot for 4 hours.
On the day, infuse with more alcohol, steam for another hour and serve with custard.


  1. Strangely this is one British tradition that didn't really make it into Canada.

  2. No....funny story...my sister and her husband spent last Christmas in Montreal. Full French style Christmas eve dinner, and again the next day. Other people on the trip complained there was no plum pudding ....and got a refund!!! Numpties.