Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sally and Ann's Excellent Adventure 17: Bangalley Head

Above: The view north from Bangalley Head. The climb is pretty strenuous, but well worth it for the spectacular views from the highest point on the northern Sydney coast. Barrenjoey Head is clearly visible, as is Palm Beach. The headland in the middle distance is Little Head. The one with the house on top is Careel Head.

Below: The view south towards Avalon. The next headland is Avalon, the beach is Avalon, and then the next headland is Bilgola Head.

This great diagram from the website of Reef Care shows the geological compsition of the various headands of the northern beaches.
Brown: Narrabeen shales and sandstones (cross bedding, variable layers, variable erosion - stepped rock platforms, debris retained, boulder beaches)
Pink: Bald Hill Claystone (regular bedding, thin layers, easily eroded - large rock platforms and free-form boulders)
Yellow: Hawkesbury sandstone (blocky formations, thick layers, erosion resistant - cliff forming, massive rock falls)


  1. All sorted, Sally. Many thanks.

    How is the tennis going? I have only just got in from being up at Newcastle all day. Hope your favoured competitor is going okay!

  2. This adventure that you and Anne embarked upon during that hotest of hot weeks, is an eyeopener, Sally. I knew the northern coastline was gorgeous but to see it in such detail is a treat. The photos on FB are wonderful.