Wednesday, 1 December 2010

from optimism to hope by Andrew Rogers (Vic)

Today is City Daily Photo Theme Day. The theme is "Time" Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

I have chosen to continue my series of Sculpture By The Sea. This work speaks to me of the ravages of time, rather like a traditional still life, where artists often convey decay, or the inevitability of aging.

The artist has called this from optimism to hope, and says: " A group of organice pulsing forms reflecting the will to interpret and render the abstract essences of being."

If viewed from the front, and reading from left to right, it is a flowering of colour and awakening. If read the other way, it could be the reverse. I guess it all depends where you stand at any given time.

Are you optimistic? hopeful? What is the difference? I see optimism as more definite - conveying a greater positive certainty. Hope may embody a stronger element of doubt and varying degrees of pessimism?


  1. I agree, optimism is far more positive than hope. What a great piece you chose to evoke TIME!

  2. Great that you've chosen these images to illustrate time. They are beautiful. Well, I'm an optimist - always see the best of everything, always make the best of everything but I do remember reading somewhere that optimists are fools! Perhaps that's true but then they are happier fools!

  3. great sculptures and take on the theme Sally.