Sunday, 7 February 2010

Wollongong Continental Baths

Three days ago, at the beginning of this Wollongong series, I showed sunrise over the rockpool at North Wollongong.

Immediately to the south are these free concrete pools - the "Contintental Baths" (or Central Baths). They were originally opened in 1926, and allowed for men, womwn and children to bathe together. They have been upgraded since. Read more here.

I enjoyed an early morning swim here.

Left: the rock pool is visible just to the north of the baths (the edge of which can be seen here).


  1. Thanks Sally - really interesting link. I like the bit about the octopus in the pool! Very exotic!!

  2. This is a wonderful series. I suspect that you will find more people in the Continental Baths that allow women to bathe than you would in the "Old Men's Baths" that you mentioned in your first photo. I am getting to be an age where I might qualify for the Old Men's Baths, and I don't think I would be attracted to bathe only with a bunch of people who look like me.

  3. Hi Sally

    Great shots, we especially love the top one of the baths. Definitely a favourite spot with us locals.

    From the team at Tourism Wollonong

  4. Thanks tourismwollongong - they're a fabulous facility and I loved my swim there!