Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Moore's Wharf building, Millers Point

Moore’s Wharf building at Miller’s Point was built in the late 1830s using local sandstone and remains in operation as a base for Sydney Ports’ harbour operations.
It was the site of Sydney’s first shipment of Australian gold to England, with the clipper ‘Phoenician’ departing in 1851.

Sadly, in many respects, Sydney Harbour has finished as a working port, other than for cruise ships. All the commercial port activity has moved to Botany Bay to the south.


  1. Great photo Sally, excellent composition.

    Isn't it sad that Sydney Harbour is losing its role as a working port...

    But there's good news : There's an Aussie magpie on display in Avignon today. I know you're frightfully busy but I hope you'll come on over to have a look!

  2. Great harbour shot. We landed there on Christmas Eve in 1970 with our car we imported from the UK. It has changed.

  3. Love it!

    I understand why wharf buildings have to be built quickly, as soon as a new city develops: to control all shipping movement, security, taxation on goods etc.

    But often such buildings become derelict or destroyed. Sydney is fortunate that Moore's Wharf building still looks fantastic.

    The original convict-build building was apparently moved. Does this version of the building look the same as the original? Has it been renovated since?