Thursday, 31 December 2009

Some of my favourite pics of 2009

Not necessarily the best, but some of my favourites from this year.
From top left:

Jan 31 - Bronte Baths
Sep 11 - Sunset, Sydney Park
Jan 07 - Dogs on Rosedale Beach
Feb 18 - Wedding reception, Wylie's Baths, Coogee
Oct 14 - Boatshed, Bedlam Bay
Mar 18 - Suilinn and Aggie
Feb 12 - Baths, Coogee Beach
Sep 25 - Sunrise, Arncliffe
Nov 07 - Sculpture By The Sea - Gilded Cage
Jan 16 - Rosedale Beach (this is my computer wallpaper)
Feb 03 - The Kiss
Dec 24 - Underwater world
July 27 - Repair shop man
June 28 - Cormorant and Opera House
Oct 24 - Woolwich Dock


  1. Love the TonyAbbott-budgie-smuggler bloke.

    Ooops ... that is probably a name that is verboten on your blog!

  2. Very nice! Quite a versatile collection.

  3. What a fabulous selection, Sally. I love the dogs (of course), the boat shed and the kiss, not necessarily in that order!

    wishing you a very happy New Year Sally and to Piero and Ben, of course and looking forward to more photos from that underwater contraption you've got!

  4. Excellent collection Sally!! I love the dogs playing in the beach...

    Thank you and have a Happy New Year!!!!
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  5. Great choice Sally.
    Love your wallpaper !
    (mine is a beach too, but in Brittany)

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!