Friday, 26 October 2012

A Tale of Two Sydneys

Top left and right: At Guildford Foodworks, in Sydney's west, a rather limited milk cabinet, and bulk containers of haloumi and fetta cheeses and natural yoghurt. At the brand new Woolworths in Wolli Creek (bottom pics), a huge selection of milks, and equally startling array of youghurts, all labelled - full cream, light; no fat, reduced fat milks, and everyday, premium, low fat, natural and kids yoghurts, "adult" desserts, custards, custrad creams and creams....then there's cheeses....and separate fridges full of flavoured milks....

Nola and I really liked Foodworks, where there were also large bags of basmati rice, fresh almonds, Turkish semolina, Lebanese Black coffee and a large selection of foodstuffs catering to the diverse, multicultural population of the area.

Taken on iPhone 7pm approx 7pm and 11pm


  1. Woolies to me take the 'poles and wires' option if you catch my allusion. The Woolies that I adore is the one at Town Hall. Such a mess and a jumble, but such a divese range of people most with limited money.

    I like showing our city like this. Is is the reality rather than the touristy ...

  2. Thanks Julie! I must say it is really convenient having a woolies to rush in to until midnight very close by (after my corner shop closes about 9pm - yes i still live in "corner shop world" !!!! And they have things that I generally have had to go to Priceline to get...but yes I agree. A punnet of strawberries at Woolies was $3.98 (still incredibly cheap - jeez we do live in a land of plenty!) and at Foodworks $1.50 !

  3. There's a Woolies in Wolli Creek? I didn't think there was anything much there. Whereabouts?

  4. can't miss it Ann - corner Princes Hwy and the street that comes off the highway. Open just 2 weeks.