Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Macquarie Lightstation, Vaucluse

Australia's oldest lighthouse stands as a magnificent beacon to Sydney Harbour and still provides a light to guide ships entering the Heads. The lighthouse was built in 1818 on the cliff top at South Head. Designed by convict architect Francis Greenway, it was constructed of sandstone quarried on site. When the stone began to erode a new lighthouse was built by James Barnet in 1883 - the one standing today. The light is now operated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. The grounds are open year-round and you can explore the historic lighthouse on tours.


  1. Gorgeous, and it still looks to be in great shape.

  2. Sally, I think it looks fantastic but is there any way of knowing which bits survived from Greenway and which bits were totally from Barnet's design?

    thanks for the link