Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Forest Lodge imitates France

Well, it kind of reminded me of France....guess it's the shutters and bike. I am unsure what the "Car Share" parking spot is all about though - first time I have seen that.


  1. We have car share schemes in London - you pay per hour for use of a car which is parked in a designated parking spot.. on membership of the scheme you get some sort of credit card which activates the car locks, and the keys are in the glove box!
    Much cheaper than owning a car if you seldom use it.

  2. Yes I heard of car sharing for the first time in Sydney actually, they had a large advertising sign near Central station and I also had friends who belonged in the scheme, they were very happy with it. I believe it has reached Paris and Marseille but not Avignon yet. It's a brilliant concept.