Friday, 14 May 2010

Yummy Mummies

Bronte is an expensive suburb to buy in to. A modest house will cost a million dollars. Nevertheless, there are lots of young families in the area - often well-paid professional couples. The women in these partnerships are often referred to, rather disparigingly, as "Yummy Mummies" - young, sexually attractive, hip, and stylish. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina Jolie and Kate Beckinsale are supposedly archetypal yummies. The opposite of a yummy mummy is a slummy mummy.

Whether they're yummy or not, there's certainly a lot of Mummys around Bronte, as this line of strollers attests.

(This is an older photo that has been in 'the vault' since a warmer time of the year; you may have noticed a bit of a fall-off in the blog lately - due to a very busy time at work, mostly, getting home exhausted and not having as much time to attend to bloggy matters! Apologies!)


  1. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson.
    A great illustration.

    Good luck with your busy time.

  2. Upscale mommies are a phenom in many communities. Pretty and fashionable ones . . .well, at least the babies are always cute! :-). The rest of the mums are as busy as you :-). Super photo, Sally,

  3. This very interesting subject!! Thank you!!