Thursday, 10 September 2009

Stairway to fitness?

According to health experts, we are all meant to do a minimum of 30 mins vigorous exercise a day, to the point of being mildly breathless (unable to sing, but able to talk).

I am very hit-and-miss about exercise (what about you?) and despite best intentions, rarely meet that target, though I do go to Pilates twice a week and yoga once, and try for a swim a couple of times.

One way is to use the stairs rather than the lift in your workplace, if you work in a multilevel building. Here's the stairwell at mine. I make it a rule ALWAYS to use it when I go downstairs, and try to remember to go up as well. I work on the third - it's 72 stairs between the entrance and my office, so I try to go up those at least twice a day. This was taken from the second floor today (for North Americans - the second floor is two stories above Ground, not one!)

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