Thursday, 31 July 2008


I was driving home a couple of nights ago, and was behind a truck with this display on the back. Boardroom is a brothel and escort services agency.

It reminded me of this report which suggested that business boomed - up 20%- during the recent Cathollic World Youth Week. It was suggested media and other support personnel associated with the even were responsible for the increase in trade. Many brothels offered a 10% discount to pilgrims.

Prostitution is legal in New South Wales and other parts of Australia there are different laws in each state). Brothels are usually in commercial or industrial areas. There are all sorts of conditions which must be met for licencing. Street prostitution is also legal in NSW unless in, near or within view of a dwelling, school or church. Clients and sex workers can also be prosecuted for taking part in an act of prostitution in or within view of a public place.

Sex workers have been very proactive in anti-HIV/AIDS campaigns and there is virtually no infections through legal prostitution.

Sadly, there have been some cases of women being brought in to Australia as sex slaves to work in brothels. There have also been prosecutions of rogue brothel owners.


  1. Interesting things we learn. At least this is regulated and taxed. Unlike here in the States where it is illegal, it still happens without regulation and without the collection of tax. I never quite understood this 'business'.

  2. How fascinating. I didn't realise prostitution was legal in NSW and other part so Australia - does that mean all of Australia? Seems logical to me that it should be legal. I laughed at the reason for the recent increase in business.

  3. Jilly - the laws are different in each state, and I don't know enough about the particulars in each state to say anything definitive! I think it's legal in most states.

  4. Well, after all, there were claims that the event would contribute much to the economy!! Western Europe also gets a bad press in TV shows because of sex slaves - whether it is true or not.

  5. I must say as a woman, I don't really like the idea of brothels and prostitution. But we all know that kind of stuff goes on, legal or not. At least having prostitution legalized gives the workers some protections.

    I just hope that the women who are working there are doing it through their own choice. I don't like the idea of anyone being forced into sexual slavery. Or any kind of slavery, for that matter.

  6. I don't like brothels and prostitution.
    But I cant stop.

  7. The government had claimed a lot of money would be generated by Catholic World Youth Day. I was skeptical, especially with the all the reports of free accommodation for pilgrims etc. It all makes perfect sense now!

  8. It's illegal in NYC but that didn't stop the "business" from making tons of money.

    Our former governor (Elliot Spitzer) had to step down from his post recently after it was discovered that he hired high-priced call girls (regularly).

    Also, when George Bush was in town four years ago for the Republican presidential nomination conference, the city saw a spike in the business. And the Republicans are supposed to be the "family value" party. :-)